200 kHz Transducer

  • Waterproof and dual-use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High sensitivity and high reliability
  • Less power consumption

200 kHz Transducer Short Distance Precision Measurement

PiezoData Inc.(PD ceramic) offers high-quality 200Khz transducer.

The 200 kHz transducer is one of our high-frequency sensors.

The 200 kHz transducer is a type of piezo air sensor with a resonance frequency of 200 kHz.

The 200 kHz transducer can work as both a transmitter and receiver in one or transmitter and receiver separately.

The 200 kHz Transducer has a piezoelectric component inside as an ultrasonic signal drive. The 200 kHz transducer is mounted in an aluminum shell.

Our 200 kHz transducer has a protection grade of IP65.

By measuring the signals transmitted and received, the 200 kHz transducer can sense/detect the object within 10cm to 200cm in the air, in water or any other liquid media and other domains.

Piezo: Your Best 200 kHz Transducer Manufacturer

The 200 kHz transducers emit high-frequency sound waves in a limited range from 10cm to 200cm, but it shows fewer noise and less undesired echoes, thus show a better sensing quality from target definition.

200 kHz transducers are suitable for flow measurement, filling level detection, distance measurement, close object detection, and oil-field detection applications.

Usually, the accuracy with which your sensors detect target or object under water has relation to do with the frequency selected for the depth you are viewing.

200 kHz transducers have very good performance in an underwater application.

The 200 kHz transducer is the best choice for detecting an object under the water from 200ft to 600ft. It works best in water under 200 feet/60 meters.

That means the 200 kHz transducers will give you a precise reading on screen meanwhile it can move at a fast speed under water.

We accept special customer requirements on shapes, frequency based on customer specifications.

If you are in need of 200 kHz ultrasonic transducers for your application, please feel free contact us for further discussion.