Piezo Stack Actuator

PD ceramic offers piezo stack in different shapes and dimensions. Minimize the production cycles times and maximize your outputs.

  • Low Power Losses
  • High Reliability
  • Strong Small Smart


Precision Piezo Stack Actuator

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high force, high precision and quick response piezo stack actuators.

Piezo stack actuator is strong, fast and precise. It is a sort of piezoelectric linear actuator with stacked design having layers of multiple piezo elements on top of each other.

Piezo stack actuator is strong. A piezo element, i.e., piezo ceramic generates deformation when an electric charge is applied in the polarization direction, and this deformation or movement is produced in the direction of polarization accordingly.

Since Piezo stack actuator is known as stacked piezo actuators, the combined deformation(displacement) effect of every single piezoceramic can be useful and robust in force (up to 10,000N).

Piezo stack actuator is precise in resolution and very quick in response. Since the piezoceramics are materials that can be deformed when electrically charged, the piezo stack actuator can be controlled directly by the charging voltage.

The piezo stack actuator will generate expansion/deformation instantly within µ seconds. And the deformation/displacement range can be typically from 5µm to 100µm. This effect is most fitted for high precision positioning applications.

Piezo: Your Premier Piezo Stack Actuator Manufacturer

The piezo stack actuators have been exploited in a number of useful applications including nanopositioning, dynamic scanning system, metrology, aerospace technology and so on.

PD Ceramic is one of the most trusted and competent participators in the piezo stack actuator OEM market since we have concentrated our frontier technology of piezo stack actuator for the precision positioning tasks worldwide for over the past 20years.

And the piezo stack actuator has proven to be reliable in this domain, alongside our rich experience in the industry. PD Ceramic is flexible and guarantees a long service lifespan, making it 100% suitable for many projects.

If you need more piezo stack actuator information, please feel free to contact us for further discussions.

Piezo Stack Actuator (stacked piezo actuator) can be provided with attached wires.

Piezo Stack Actuator (stacked piezo actuator) are completely vacuum compatible.

Piezo Stack Actuator (stacked piezo actuator)are fully cryogenic compatible.

Piezo Stack Actuator (stacked piezo actuator)can be in customized dimensions and thickness.

Piezo Stack Actuator (stacked piezo actuator) can have customized wiring and connectors.

Piezo Stack Actuator (stacked piezo actuator) can be customized according to your mounting platform design and fabrication.