Piezo Tube

  • Strong Small Smart
  • Low Power Losses
  • High Reliability


Precision Piezo Tubes

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high force, high precision and quick response Piezo Tubes

Piezo Tubes,i.e., piezo tube scanners are thin cylinders with quartered external electrodes.

Electrodes are attached to the outside of the piezo tube.

Applying a positive voltage to the piezo tube external electrodes, the piezo tube wall will expand in one axis.

Applying a negative voltage, the piezo tube will contract in the other axis.

Thus, piezo tubes can realize a motion towards the direction of X, Y, and Z.

Piezo: Your Professional Piezo Tube Supplier

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) can be provided with attached wires.

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) are completely vacuum compatible.

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) are fully cryogenic compatible.

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) can be in customized dimensions and thickness.

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) can be with customized electrode configurations.

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) can be with customized wiring and connectors.

Piezo tubes (Piezoelectric tubes) can be customized according to your mounting platform design and fabrication.