Piezoelectric Actuator Amplifier

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Precision Piezoelectric Actuator Amplifier

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high force, high precision and quick response Piezoelectric Actuator Amplifier.

Piezoelectric actuator amplifier is also known as amplified piezoelectric actuator. Piezoelectric actuator amplifiers are specific actuators that use piezoelectric materials as an active material and have a specific design to produce greater displacement than traditional direct piezoelectric actuators.

In a variety of fields like precision instrumentation, manufacturing and mechatronics, the requirements of precision and displacement are critical factors in adopting piezoelectric actuators.

Because the classical piezoelectric actuators have very tiny/limit stroke force, and this is too far to meet the actual direct requirements.

How can you get an appropriate approach to amplify the output of the traditional piezoelectric actuators?

Piezo: Your Leading Piezoelectric Actuator Amplifier Supplier

The piezoelectric actuator amplifier was invented to amplify the piezoelectric actuator stroke or displacement proportionally by applying voltages.

Piezoelectric actuator amplifier can produce powerful forces, greater travel distance, rapid movements, and ultimate precision. Consequently, the piezoelectric actuator amplifier has a high bandwidth and can bear a high dynamic force.

PD Ceramic assures all customers of high quality, a flexible and durable piezoelectric actuator that is 100% tested for safety and compliance.

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